What we do

ACCESS provides a range of archaeological and cultural heritage services across Scotland. In a consultancy role we can render archaeological planning guidance and recommendations to public and private developers, landowners and their agents. Our fieldwork services include: watching briefs, evaluations, excavations and landscape surveys.

What We Do Prior to forming ACCESS our principal archaeologist, John Gooder (Linked-in), had accumulated nearly two decades of involvement in development-derived archaeology. In that time he has successfully managed hundreds of projects of all sizes and complexities and from all time periods and environmental settings. His experience includes providing mitigation support to a diverse range of client sectors such as mineral extraction, quarries, roads, residential, commercial, retail and windfarm developments.

We also welcome the opportunity to provide professional guidance, training and practical support for local archaeological societies or heritage groups interested in advancing their own community based projects.

All our works are designed to adhere to the guidance, advice and standards set by the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA), Historic Scotland, individual planning authorities and other curatorial or regulatory bodies.

Our Approach At ACCESS we recognize that archaeology or heritage issues are, in the main, a problem for developers. We never lose sight of that fact. To the layman the archaeological process and its terminology can add another layer of difficulty in successfully completing a development, particularly in regard to risk management, financing and scheduling. We offer a bespoke service. Every development project is different and we consider a tailored response essential for each. Our approach has five main strands

  • all archaeological work carried out by ACCESS is underpinned by understanding the needs of our clients, including rapidity in responding to their demands.

  • maintaining the highest professional & ethical standards.

  • commercial awareness & cost effectiveness (usually focusing on careful planning and timing of archaeological involvement within the development schedule). Our cost effectiveness is assisted by the fact that we are a small company unencumbered by large overheads, although still benefiting from a wealth of experience.

  • maintaining clear information flow with our clients and their other contractors (experience has shown the importance of avoiding misunderstanding by good liaison).

  • using archaeology to work for the benefit of our clients and local community. Archaeology can bring good PR and foster mutually beneficial links with other stakeholders.

We can help If an archaeological condition has been attached to your planning consent or during your early consultation with planners archaeology has arisen as an issue, we can help Archaeology & Planning. Please call or email for prompt professional (friendly) advice. Initial consultations carry no charge.

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